When it comes to determining what qualities or character traits a woman finds attractive in a man, it is important to take a look at the positioning of Mars in her birth chart ( Get Your Free Birth Chart Wheel ). Mars typically represents many characteristics that most of us would consider to be traditionally male, so many a woman tends to project the qualities of her personal Mars onto potential mates instead of internalizing the qualities as part of her own persona. As a result, the sign Mars resides in dictates much of what she will find attractive on an initial level. Of course, whether or not this is really the type of man that will be best for her is another story, but it does give us a good clue as to what will turn her head.

Mars in Aries: Women with Mars in Aries most likely forgo the shy retiring types for the take-charge, independent leaders out there. They like men who know what they want, are able to express it in straight-forward terms, and go after it with gusto.

Mars in Taurus: Women with Mars in Taurus are looking for stability in a man. They’re also attracted to strength, simplicity, and traditional masculinity. They probably prefer men who work in hands on professions (like construction, farming, or carpentry) as opposed to spending their days at a desk.

Mars in Gemini: These women are looking for men who can stimulate them intellectually. Wit, versatility, and razor-sharp conversational skills are absolute musts. They also know how to appreciate a killer sense of humor.

Mars in Cancer: These women often find themselves drawn to brooding, sensitive types of men. If the object of their affection also happens to be protective and a bit complicated as well, so much the better. Strong, silent types are quite appealing indeed.

Mars in Leo: Men with dignity, pride, and confidence to spare are the type these women are attracted to. They are also looking for someone who is generous, romantic, and very loving. Tightwads and emotionally bankrupt suitors need not apply.

Mars in Virgo: Women with Mars in Virgo prefer natural, simple, and intelligent men who keep a neat appearance and have a practical outlook on life. They are also looking for kindness and capability, someone who can provide for her and keep their life together in order.

Mars in Libra: Women with Mars in Libra are looking for men that like to please the ladies in their life. They also like a man with good manners, a well-groomed appearance, and an all-around classy approach to life in general.

Mars in Scorpio: These are the women that are looking for Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome – someone with a powerful presence and charisma in spades. They like intensity in their men, and they even tend to find a healthy amount of possessiveness to be highly attractive.

Mars in Sagittarius: These women like sporty, adventurous men who know how to have a great time and possess wonderful senses of humor. They also like their men a bit more worldly and are looking for someone who isn’t overly invested on his appearance or the material side of life.

Mars in Capricorn: These women like confident, straight-forward, successful men. They’d choose a CEO over a lumberjack any day of the week. She is also looking for a man who can provide stability and would rather die than wind up with someone who’s irresponsible or immature.

Mars in Aquarius: These women like original, one-of-a-kind characters with fresh outlooks on life and innovative, interesting ideas that they enjoy sharing with others. She’s also looking for someone who isn’t too possessive or dependent.

Mars in Pisces: These women often find themselves falling for sensitive, artistic types. Compassion, emotions that run deep, and a decent level of complication are all very attractive to them. Alpha males or super independent types are not for them. They’d like to be needed by the men in their lives.