When it comes to determining what qualities or character traits a man finds attractive in a women, it is important to take a look at the positioning of Venus in his birth chart ( Get Your Free Birth Chart Wheel ). Venus typically represents many characteristics that most of us would consider to be traditionally female, so many a man tends to project the qualities of his personal Venus onto potential mates instead of internalizing the qualities as part of his own persona. As a result, the sign Venus resides in dictates much of what he will find attractive on an initial level. Of course, whether or not this is really the type of woman that will be best for him is another story, but it does give us a good clue as to what will turn his head.

Venus in Aries: These men don’t like shy, retiring women. They are more interested in direct, straightforward gals and they may in fact find that they’re often attracted to tomboys. They like women who can take care of themselves instead of always relying on the men in their lives.

Venus in Taurus: These men are looking for very feminine, earthy women who are probably also soft-spoken and not too overdone. They also prefer their women to have healthy figures as opposed to stick-thin, modelly builds.

Venus in Gemini: These guys are looking for intelligent women with good heads on their shoulders and won’t think twice about dating a dumb bunny type. They’re also attracted to women who are active, energetic, and adventurous. Tomboys or sporty types are also often fine with them.

Venus in Cancer: A man with Venus in Cancer is looking for a women who is not too aggressive or overbearing. He wants someone feminine, sensitive, and possibly also a bit needy. He’d like to take care of the woman in his life and is turned off by flashy, tawdry types.

Venus in Leo: Men who have a Venus in Leo placement like glamour gals who are well dressed, well groomed, and wear plenty of make-up, jewelry, and accessories. Personality-wise he is looking for someone confident and possibly even a little proud. He may find he gravitates toward models or actresses.

Venus in Virgo: These guys are looking for intelligent, organized, and natural women. Simplicity, cleanliness, and straightforwardness are also watchwords here. When it comes to looks, a Venus in Virgo guy prefers natural looks to overly made-up faces.

Venus in Libra: These guys are looking for well-mannered, cultured ladies who know how to make a good impression wherever they go. They also are looking for mates who are eager to please and have a polished, charming approach toward life.

Venus in Scorpio: Men with a Venus in Scorpio placement are the ones who are attracted to the seductresses out there. They like their women a bit mysterious, and they are definitely attracted to dark, brooding, complicated personalities.

Venus in Sagittarius: These men are looking for active, positive, cheerful women who have killer senses of humor and believe that variety is the spice of life. They also prefer athletic or natural good looks to overly groomed, overly made-up appearances.

Venus in Capricorn: These are the guys that are looking for successful, dedicated career women. They like capable gals who can hold their own, like to take care of themselves, and have a practical, straightforward approach to life.

Venus in Aquarius: A Venus in Aquarius guy is looking for that girl that’s literally one-in-a-million. He likes originality – not just when it comes to her looks, but her outlook on life and her personality as well. He also is likely to appreciate brains and a sparkling sense of humor.

Venus in Pisces: This guy wants a sensitive, artistic type to call his own. He may even prefer his women to be a little needy and fragile, as he’d like to take care of the woman in his life. Qualities like femininity, dreaminess, and quirkiness are also attractive to him.