More and more astrology experts these days are agreeing on the importance of the positioning of the lunar nodes in the birth chart. The positioning of the north and south nodes of the moon are said to not only dictate what issues and shortcomings tend to hold you back in this lifetime (the south node), but also show you what qualities you should be aspiring to in order to achieve your true destiny in life (the north node).

Your south node may represent your issues, but it also represents fear and a position that feels comfortable to you, even if it is not altogether productive or healthy. The north node always represents a positioning and a set of qualities that feels alien at first, but it points the way to true fulfillment and growth. By studying the positioning of the lunar nodes in your birth chart, you can find out how to live the most fulfilling life possible and achieve your soul’s maximum potential.

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North Node in Aries – South Node in Libra

People with this positioning tend to have issues with co-dependency and wishy-washiness. They also have a tendency to be fearful individuals who have trouble believing in. They are being called on to learn how to take a stand, take charge, and become better leaders. They should work on becoming more independent and on learning how to trust their own judgment more of the time.

North Node in Taurus – South Node in Scorpio

A lot of these folks tend to become too wrapped up in other people’s dramas and set too much store on their interpersonal relationships. They are being asked to learn to focus on the simpler things in life instead. It’s also very important that they learn to focus on themselves more and pay attention to their own needs. Diligence, dedication, and hard-working natures are also things these people should look to develop.

North Node in Gemini – South Node in Sagittarius

People with this nodal positioning tend to have trouble with flightiness or insensitivity, and they may find that many of their most deeply held beliefs aren’t properly backed up by facts as they should be. They also tend to hurry through life, missing a lot that’s important in the process. They are being called to learn to value communication, diplomacy, and meaningful interaction with others.

North Node in Cancer – South Node in Capricorn

These folks have a tendency to be control freaks and take just about everything too seriously. They are also independent to a fault. They should work on learning the value of depending on others once in a while. They should also make an attempt to get more in touch with their emotions and their sense of vulnerability.

North Node in Leo – South Node in Aquarius

People with this positioning tend to be too attached to the values and needs of the masses and fail to embrace their individuality. They also may find they are afraid to take risks, to lead, or to be the center of attention. They should work on developing their sense of independence, as well as learn the value of leadership and charisma. They’re here to become more creative and to become proud of who they are as individuals.

North Node in Virgo – South Node in Pisces

These folks bury their head in the sand too much, and they lack the ability to face life head on and accept responsibility. They should focus on becoming more disciplined, more organized, and more focused. By adding more structure to their lives, they’ll finally achieve the type of existence they crave.

North Node in Libra – South Node in Aries

People with this positioning tend to be overly self-reliant and independent to a fault. They feel they always need to take the lead and they may have issues with impulse control. They are being called upon to consider the needs of others more and to become more accommodating. Balance in life will be attained through cooperation and the building of partnerships.

North Node in Scorpio – South Node in Taurus

People with this positioning tend to depend too much on themselves, and they may set too much store on material possessions and money. They can be stubborn and too focused on maintaining the security that is so precious to them as well. They are being called upon to embrace change as part of their lives, as well as to realize the value of sharing responsibilities and resources with others.

North Node in Sagittarius – South Node in Gemini

These folks often find they are actually bogged down by knowledge and frequently suffer from information overload. They miss the big picture by focusing too hard on the insignificant details. They are being called upon to become more intuitive and to rely on instinct more often, instead of always depending on sense. They are also being called to take things on faith more often and to open their minds to new possibilities.

North Node in Capricorn – South Node in Cancer

People with this positioning have issues with insecurity rooted in an overemphasis on the past mistakes or on childhood events. They fear responsibility and have trouble accepting accountability for the way their lives have turned out. They are being called upon to become more independent, more practical, more goal-oriented, and more mature. They need to learn to depend on themselves more instead of always on others.

North Node in Aquarius – South Node in Leo

These are folks that are constantly finding themselves tangled up in drama, and they may find that their own sense of pride gets in the way as well. They want to stand out at all costs, and this holds them back in life. They are here to see the value in embracing the rest of humanity and in being part of something bigger than themselves. They should also focus on becoming more objective.

North Node in Pisces – South Node in Virgo

These folks have a tendency to be worrywarts. Everything’s a crisis, and they are too focused on trying to make everything in their world “just so”. They are being called upon to become more spiritual, more creative, and to get in touch with their innate sensitivity and sense of emotion. They should focus on letting go of the need to be perfect and learn to see the beauty in the lovely chaos of life.